2022’s Makeup Phenomenon: What Took Over

2022s Makeup Phenomenon What Took Over

2022’s Makeup Phenomenon: What Took Over says extra-extra like a beauty trend that’s so intense it’s literally dripping with pearls and chunky gemstones. The 2022 version of this trend was all over the runways and TikToks alike—but it wasn’t just the OTT glitter that took center stage. Bleached eyebrows made a major appearance as well, pushing back against the barely-brushed fluff brows of previous years and dominating the beauty paradigm in a way that’s hard to ignore.

Whether it was for an artful pop of color or a sleek smoky eye, the bleached eyebrow makeup trend is something to watch in 2023. The key to pulling off this look is to keep the base as natural as possible, and then add an unexpected shade or shimmer to make it stand out. The result is a cool and confident look that’s perfect for any occasion, from work to date night.

2022’s Makeup Phenomenon: What Took Over

Beauty has become a powerful forum for social and political commentary—from influencing the Amber Heard/Johnny Depp court case to contributing to zoom dysmorphia. It’s no wonder that beauty influencers are now worth multimillions, and a slew of new brands have been cropping up to capitalize on the booming interest in clean cosmetics, non-toxic ingredients, and holistic concerns for the planet and the wellbeing of its inhabitants.