Benefits of Email Address Intelligence

email address intelligence

Email address intelligence enables you to create personalized marketing and sales emails that are relevant and appealing to the recipient. This can help boost engagement and conversion rates.

Send time optimization: It analyzes previous data and predicts the best times to send your emails to users, depending on their location, preferred times and device type. This helps increase deliverability and decreases spam complaints.

Test email subject lines: It provides a detailed score of your emails based on their content and sends notifications on errors that impact open rates. It also helps you determine which subjects are more effective and which ones should be discarded.

Segment lists: It organizes leads into categories based on their behavior and interests, enabling you to segment your contact database and target them with targeted campaigns.

The Power of Email Address Intelligence: How to Gain Insights into Your Target Audience

Stop one of the most pernicious attack techniques: Hackers rotate through common or disposable domains to automate new email-handle creation for fraudulent registrations. This is often done through a new or parked domain that isn’t registered with the website.

Protect application fraud: Detect application fraud and minimize risk before it is committed with an automated email risk score based on email addresses that are provided during the application process. This can significantly reduce risk and support a faster on-boarding process for applicants.

Improve business efficiency: Maintain accurate consumer email addresses, including longevity and recent activity, to avoid a costly, manual review of each individual record and connect with consumers in the most efficient way possible.