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Celebrity Uncovered are constantly in the spotlight, documenting their lives through social media and appearing in movies and TV shows. Their lives may seem to be perfect from a distance, but that’s not always the case. In reality, celebrities are stalked, harassed by paparazzi, and have their private lives hacked into.

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As a result, celebrities need to hire highly specialized executive protection agents to keep them safe. Protectors must be trained in all areas of celebrity security, including advance preparation and knowledge of how to deal with the specific threat landscape of each celebrity’s environment. For example, it’s common for celebrities to use steel barriers to corral fans and paparazzi, but even that requires advance preparation to ensure that each protector knows how to safely gain control of the crowd.

Another area of concern is the dangers that can be associated with each celebrity’s environment, including the potential for life-threatening diseases like COVID-19. Protectors must plan for this possibility by familiarizing themselves with the locations of all venues where they will meet with a celebrity, including all walking routes to get to and from their vehicles. They must also establish specialized pandemic safeguards when meeting with celebrities to protect them from the risk of exposure.

Whether it’s positive or negative, celebrities can have a powerful influence on teens. It’s important for parents to help their teens sort through the information, so they can take away the healthiest messages. For example, it can be healthy for teens to admire the creativity, passion, and dedication of celebrities. However, it’s also important for them to recognize that celebrities are real people and often struggle with real-life issues.