Fighting Traffic Tickets

Traffic tickets are some of the biggest revenue generators for municipal, county and state court systems. These fines are used to partially pay for operating the system and its workers. Without this extra cash, the courts might have to take money from other important programs or raise taxes.

Should I plead not guilty to a speeding ticket in NY?

Fighting your ticket in court gives you an opportunity to present evidence and argue your case in front of a judge. It is often possible to get the charges against you dismissed or to lower the fine amount by demonstrating that you did not commit the offense.

The prosecution has the burden of proving its case against you, and it must do so “by a preponderance of the evidence.” That means that it must be more likely than not that you committed the offense. This is why it is so important to research your case before you go to court.

It is important to know the exact code section that the officer cited you for violating. You can find this by looking at the ticket or searching online. You should also read your state’s traffic laws carefully to make sure that you understand what the law says.

Depending on your driving record and the type of violation, getting the charges dropped may help you avoid having to enroll in a traffic school. That can save you time and tuition costs. Keeping the charges off your record could also prevent the state from suspending or revoking your driving privileges. That can be a big hassle and expense, not to mention potentially putting your job in jeopardy.


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