How to Make Candy Melts

candy melts

Candy Melts Candy Melter: This electric candy melter melts two-and-a-half cups of candy in ten minutes. It features two temperature settings and a pour spout on each side for easy pouring. This model also features a removable silicone insert for easy cleanup. It measures 14.4 diam. x 16 cm.

This Model Also Features A Removable Silicone Insert For Easy Cleanup

Candy melts can be made in many different flavors. Cocoa butter is one popular option. While it is more expensive, it gives your creations a smooth chocolate mouth feel. You can also add other sweet ingredients to enhance the flavor. These are safe to eat, and if you use them for decorations, they are a great alternative to traditional chocolate.

You can also make letters out of candy melts. To do so, make small swipes of the candy melts onto the baking sheet. Once the melts have cooled a bit, you can form the outline of a block letter. After that, spread another color of candy melts to fill in the outline.

The good thing about candy melts is that they’re easy to use. They come in a variety of colors and textures, and you don’t need to temper them before using them. You can use them over again and they’ll keep their texture and look. The only drawback is that they’re very sweet and don’t deliver a deep chocolate flavor.