The Most Influential Sports Figures of the Last Century

Michael Jordan is UFABET เสนอสูตรบาคาร่าฟรี considered by many to be the greatest basketball player ever. His iconic silhouette of a man with spread legs in midair dunking pose has replaced Jerry West’s careening dribble as the image most associated with the sport. Jordan won six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls, setting a new standard for the game and transcending it as an indelible brand.

In the same way that Lombardi’s name lives on on the National Football League’s Super Bowl trophy, so too does the moniker “The Greatest of All Time” belong to Muhammad Ali. His inimitable style and charisma galvanized black America and brought white sports fans along for the ride. He was a force of nature both on and off the field, a fiery advocate for the Civil Rights movement and playful counterpart to nasal ABC commentator Howard Cosell.

The Most Influential Sports Figures of the Last Century

The list of the most influential athletes from the last century also includes tennis superstar Roger Federer, who has won a record 20 Grand Slam titles and is widely considered the best male athlete in history. Soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo is a goal-scoring machine on the pitch and social media colossus off it.

Floyd Mayweather remains undefeated in boxing, a seven-time world champion in auto racing and a fearsome fighter in the MMA arena. Jim Clark was two-time Formula 1 world champion and a racer who won both the Indy 500 and British Touring Car championship. And Simone Biles is a dynamite female gymnast who has won five Olympic gold medals and holds 14 world championships in her career to date.