White Grip Socks

white grip socks

Grip Socks Made for a Better Game

White grip socks are an effective way to get your feet to grip to your boots, increasing your speed and agility by creating traction between your foot and the boot. They are used by many professional athletes across all sports to maximize the performance of their shoes.

Improved Socks Material and Stretchability

Our white grip socks have been improved for a better, more softer feel. The new premium materials have more stretch and a softer, less constricting fit that works well with snug boots without bunching.

Why White Grip Socks Are a Must-Have for Pilates and Yoga Enthusiasts

The socks also come with a lot of grip elements that work well to prevent slips from going up or down. They are strategically placed around the forefoot, heel and midfoot to ensure the best coverage of the areas that need grip most.

Stepzz is one of the most popular pairs of grip socks, worn by many professional players and being a close rival to Tapedesign. They are comfortable and have a decent grip element coverage for a cheaper price.

Falke Grip 4 is another pair of grip socks with silicone dots that are grippy in and out of the sock. It has some nice features as well including a moisture wicking fabric and tight-compression fit around the ankle.


The first grip socks were established in 2007 by James Cherneski of Crystal Palace Baltimore, who was bothered by the internal movement of his foot inside his boots. Since then, grip socks have seen an exponential growth in their usage. Several major group socks manufacturers have developed this technology and professional players are now wearing them in competitions all over the world.