Why You Need a Flat Roof Specialist

A flat roof specialist is a professional roofing contractor that installs, maintains and repairs flat roofing systems. This is a very different type of roof from the traditional sloped residential and commercial building rooftops and requires a special skill set to understand, maintain and repair. A flat roof does not have the advantage of runoff like a sloped roof, so water is more likely to leak into the roof and damage the structure below. This is why it’s so important to have a good flat roof specialist like Eden Roofing & General Contractors take care of your property’s roofing system to ensure the safety and security of your building and the people who live or work there.

Having a well-maintained flat roof is essential as any damage to the membrane can lead to serious interior problems including stained ceilings and expensive water damage repairs. If you have a flat roof it is a good idea to regularly check the surface of the membrane, the caulking around the vent pipes and flashings and also the flat roof edges for signs of wear or tears. You should also look for any large areas of the roof that are sagging, as this may indicate the need to replace part of the underlying decking.

Choosing a Flat Roof Specialist: Qualities to Look for in a Contractor

One of the most common causes of flat roof problems is accidental punctures or holes in the roof membrane and these can often be difficult to locate as they can be anywhere from a small hole in a seam to a large section of ripped or missing membrane. Another major cause of leaks on flat roofs is when the waterproofing membrane is damaged during construction or other maintenance on the roof, such as through-roof service pipes and cables or when plant such as air conditioning units are installed. In these cases a qualified roofer should be called in to inspect the roof and ensure it is watertight before the installation of any further plant.